Windows 8 Reduced Memory Usage than Windows 7

Microsoft have showed Windows 8 developer preview at their Build conference last month. Since then, Microsoft have been running tests on Windows 8.
According to Microsoft Blog they have used a notebook with 1GB of RAM to run this test. They installed both Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8 Developer Preview and they have noticed that Windows 8 is using much less CPU and Memory compare to Windows 7 at Idle state. (Windows 7 – 404 MB vs WIndows 8 – 281 MB).

If you have used Windows Vista, which was a nightmare for Microsoft and Windows platform and It had many compatibilty and huge memory usage issues. Windows 7 was build to reduce the memory usage and to increase efficiency.
Now, Microsoft have gone even further to use even less memory with Windows 8.

Here is the summery of this detailed analysis.

Figure 1 – Memory usage in Windows 7 SP1

One of the biggest goal in WIndows 8 was to make sure that all machines that are capable of running Windows 7, will be able to run Windows 8 without any problem. Microsoft have managed to exceed these expectations by making Windows 8 even less resource intensive.

Figure 2 – Memory usage in Windows 8

They have used a new feature known as memory combining in Windows 8. What basically this new feature does that it looks at system RAM use, if it finds duplicate code, it then removes these duplicates from the memory so that you only have one copy of the code running and it leaves more free memory.

The number of background process that Windows 8 uses has also been reduced by 13. This is a great achievement and will make a big difference and increase performance.

The new Windows 8 Metro interface also helps reduce memory usage, although it’s only for tablets. But when you’re using a tablet, Windows 8 will not actually load up the desktop components for the OS because user won’t bother to use the traditional desktop then touch interface. And if you want to switch to your desktop it will still load them up, but not running these components saves around 23MB of RAM in the developer preview edition of Windows 8.

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